[Pacemaker] "reset" action of fence_legacy is not performed

Kazunori INOUE kazunori.inoue3 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 05:17:16 EDT 2014


By this commit, "reset (reboot)" action of cluster-glue's plug-in
(ipmi, libvirt, ...) is not performed.

pm103 stonith-ng[17947]:   notice: handle_request: Client
crmd.17951.af3dce80 wants to fence (reboot) 'pm104' with device
pm103 stonith-ng[17947]:  warning: stonith_device_execute: Agent
'fence_legacy' does not advertise support for 'reboot', performing
'off' action instead
pm103 stonith-ng[17947]:    debug: log_operation: F1:18288 [
Performing: stonith -t external/libvirt -T off pm104 ]

Since glue's plug-in has "reset" action equivalent to "reboot" action,
I want to perform "reboot" as before, when stonith-action=reboot.

Kazunori INOUE

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