[Pacemaker] Best practice for quorum nodes

Andrew Martin amartin at xes-inc.com
Fri Apr 18 10:38:45 EDT 2014


I've read several guides about how to configure a 3-node cluster with one node that can't actually run the resources, but just serves as a quorum node. One practice for configuring this node is to put it in "standby", which prevents it from running resources. In my experience, this seems to work pretty well, however from time-to-time I see these errors appear in my pacemaker logs:
Preventing <rsc> from re-starting on <host>: operation monitor failed 'not installed' (rc=5)

Is there a better way to designate a node as a quorum node, so that resources do not attempt to start or re-start on it? Perhaps a combination of setting it in "standby" mode and a resource constraint to prevent the resources from running on it? Or, is there a better way to set it up?



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