[Pacemaker] Interval-origin in monitor operations does not work

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Wed Apr 9 02:57:13 EDT 2014

On 1 Apr 2014, at 5:10 am, Rainer Brestan <rainer.brestan at gmx.net> wrote:

> Using interval-origin in monitor operation definition does not work any more.
> Veryfied on Pacemaker 1.1.10, but we think it does not work since 1.1.8 until now.
> Pengine calculates start delay in function unpack_operation and calls there crm_time_subtract.
> The call to crm_time_subtract with
> origin=2014-03-31 19:20:00Z
> date_set->now=2014-03-31 17:31:04Z
> result in
> delay=-0001-12-31 01:48:56Z
> delay_s=31456136
> start_delay=31456136000
> which is almost a year in the future.

To be fair, the origin was also in the future.
I don't think that was expected.

Can you supply your cib so I can experiment?

> The function crm_time_subtract calculates this by the crm_time_add_* functions.
> The buggy statement is in crm_time_add_days.
> If the calculated number of days is zero, it subtracts one year and add the number of days, in this case 365.
> But if a_time->days is zero, it must not do anything.
> The function crm_time_get_seconds, which is called by unpack_operation cannot handle negative years, so it ignores the year -1 but adds 365 days.
> There are two solutions.
> One is the add handling on negative years to crm_time_get_seconds.
> The other is to exchange line 1140 in iso8601.c
> while (a_time->days <= 0) {
> by
> while (a_time->days < 0) {
> Second solution is verified to bring the expected result, start-delay of little less than two hours.
> Handling of negative years in crm_time_get_seconds might not be a proper solution as the return value of the function is unsigned long long and what to report if the complete calculation gives a negative number of seconds.
> Rainer
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