[Pacemaker] no-quorum-policy = demote?

Christian Ciach dereineda at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 03:54:19 EDT 2014


I am using Corosync 2.0 with Pacemaker 1.1 on Ubuntu Server 14.04 (daily
builds until final release).

My problem is as follows: I have a 2-node (plus a quorum-node) cluster to
manage a multistate-resource. One node should be the master and the other
one the slave. It is absolutely not allowed to have two masters at the same
time. To prevent a split-brain situation, I am also using a third node as a
quorum-only node (set to standby). There is no redundant connection because
the nodes are connected over the internet.

If one of the two nodes managing the resource becomes disconnected, it
loses quorum. In this case, I want this resource to become a slave, but the
resource should never be stopped completely! This leaves me with a problem:
"no-quorum-policy=stop" will stop the resource, while
"no-quorum-policy=ignore" will keep this resource in a master-state. I
already tried to demote the resource manually inside the monitor-action of
the OCF-agent, but pacemaker will promote the resource immediately again.

I am aware that I am trying the manage a multi-site-cluster and there is
something like the booth-daemon, which sounds like the solution to my
problem. But unfortunately I need the location-constraints of pacemaker
based on the score of the OCF-agent. As far as I know location-constraints
are not possible when using booth, because the 2-node-cluster is
essentially split into two 1-node-clusters. Is this correct?

To conclude: Is it possible to demote a resource on quorum loss instead of
stopping it? Is booth an option if I need to manage the location of the
master based on the score returned by the OCF-agent?
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