[Pacemaker] newbie question(s)

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Fri May 24 17:03:01 EDT 2013

Hahaha..... Digmer you know you're a total advocate of RH and RH based
products ;).
Lars, I remember the amazing support SE had for AIS even going back to
1.1.x. If I recall correctly I used some of the patches written by
you? To get OCFS2 dlm and configfs running with pacemaker+cman hybrid

It's still running on the gentoo testbeds however, we decided to lay
low till the retiring of cman and decoupling of dlm_controld. Which I
am kind of curious to know if it has been done yet.

For us mere mortals trying to piece clusters together on gentoo and
the like from scratch, should we even attempt the 2.0 it at this
point? If I ever get a window, I might give it a try, and give some
feedback on how easy and stable it was to get it up and running.
Support the community you know?

Kind Regards,


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