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Fri May 24 12:15:04 EDT 2013

On 05/24/2013 11:24 AM, Nick Khamis wrote:
> Was there not a time where corosync was a subset of OpenAIS? Namely,
> openais support for active/active and passive/active? I might have my
> channels mixed up, it's been a while....
> @#linux-cluster and #linux-ha: Will do.
> Ninus Khamis (PhD)
> PS Sorry for the hijack!!!!

Nope. Until RHEL 5, openais was the communication layer of the cluster. 
However, the full AIS API was deemed "overkill" for what HA clustering 
needed, so corosync was created for RHEL 6 as a stripped-down, HA 
focused version of openais. In turn, openais was made a corosync plugin 
for those who actually want the full AIS API.

The concepts of "Active/Active", "Active/Passive", etc. is not a 
membership or cluster communication layer question. Those concepts come 
from the resource manager (rgmanager or pacemaker). More to the point, 
it's a per-resource question. You can have a pacemaker cluster where 
some services are Active/Active (ie: a GFS2 partition) while at the same 
time having an Active/Passive resouce (ie: a VM).



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