[Pacemaker] Does "stonith_admin --confirm" work?

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Sun May 19 11:33:55 EDT 2013

On 17.05.2013 10:22, Староверов Никита Александрович wrote:
> Nothing happened after stonith_admin -C.
> Fenced still trying to fence_pcmk, and I see lots of "Timer expired" from stonith-ng, and failed fence_ipmilan operations.
> Yes,  I can do fence_ack_manual on cman-master node, and then cleanup node state with cibadmin, but it is very sloooow way.
> If I lost many servers in cluster, for example, lost power in one rack with two or more servers, I need a way to running again services on remaining nodes as quickly as possible.
> I think fencing manual acknowledgement must be fast and simple and I suppose that stonith_admin --confirm have to do that.

I would also like to know a solution to this problem.
My current situation: I am using IPMI as a stonith device.

However, if there is a problem with the (redundant) power supply
and the IPMI device is therefore not working, I'm having a hard time
in troubleshooting my 2 node cluster.


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