[Pacemaker] pacemaker-1.1.10 results in Failed to sign on to the LRM 7

Nikita Michalko michalko.system at a-i-p.com
Fri May 17 08:15:00 EDT 2013

I'm just wondering: why is lrm gone?


Nikita Michalko        

Am Freitag, 17. Mai 2013 05:15:10 schrieb Andrew Widdersheim:
> I'm attaching 3 patches I made fairly quickly to fix the installation
>  issues and also an issue I noticed with the ping ocf from the latest
>  pacemaker. 
> One is for cluster-glue to prevent lrmd from building and later installing.
>  May also want to modify this patch to take lrmd out of both spec files
>  included when you download the source if you plan to build an rpm. I'm not
>  sure if what I did here is the best way to approach this problem so if
>  anyone has anything better please let me know.
> One is for pacemaker to create the lrmd symlink when building with
>  heartbeat support. Note the spec does not need anything changed here.
> Finally, saw the following errors in messages with the latest ping ocf and
>  the attached patch seems to fix the issue.
> May 16 01:10:13 node2 lrmd[16133]:   notice: operation_finished:
>  p_ping_monitor_5000:17758 [ /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/pacemaker/ping: line
>  296: [: : integer expression expected ]

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