[Pacemaker] Loss of ocf:pacemaker:ping target forces resources to restart?

Andrew Martin amartin at xes-inc.com
Thu May 16 13:15:16 EDT 2013


I'd recommend adding more than one host to your p_ping resource and see if that improves the situation. When I had this problem, I observed better behavior after adding more than one IP to the list of hosts and changing the p_ping location constraint to be as follows:
location loc_run_on_most_connected g_mygroup \
        rule $id="loc_run_on_most_connected-rule" -inf: not_defined p_ping or p_ping lte 0

More information:

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> The cluster has 3 connections total. The first connection is the
> outside interface where services can communicate and is also used
> for cluster communication using mcast. The second interface is a
> cross-over that is solely for cluster communication. The third
> connection is another cross-over solely for DRBD replication.
> This issue happens when the first connection that is used for both
> the services and cluster communication is pulled on both nodes at
> the same time.
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