[Pacemaker] pacemaker-1.1.10 results in Failed to sign on to the LRM 7

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Thu May 16 00:52:10 EDT 2013

On 16/05/2013, at 2:03 PM, Andrew Widdersheim <awiddersheim at hotmail.com> wrote:

> There are quite a few symlinks of heartbeat pieces back to pacemaker pieces like crmd as an example but lrmd was not one of them:
> [root at node1 ~]# ls -lha /usr/lib64/heartbeat/crmd
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 27 May 14 17:31 /usr/lib64/heartbeat/crmd -> /usr/libexec/pacemaker/crmd
> [root at node1 ~]# ls -lha /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 85K May 14 17:19 /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd
> I just tried to symlink it back by hand but when I started heartbeat the logs had nothing about lrmd starting/trying to start nor did lrmd show in the process list anymore. Just more failure messages.
> [root at node1 ~]# ls -lha /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 27 May 15 19:38 /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd -> /usr/libexec/pacemaker/lrmd
> I then started lrmd manually as root with the verbose option turned on and looks like things started to connect and the cluster on node1 where I started lrmd manually began coming online and work a bit. I noticed when running pacemakers lrmd there is no longer a -r option which looking at my old ps command was how it was getting started:
> [root at node1 ~]# /usr/libexec/pacemaker/lrmd --help
> lrmd - Pacemaker Remote daemon for extending pacemaker functionality to remote nodes.
> Usage: lrmd [options]
> Options:
>  -?, --help             This text
>  -$, --version          Version information
>  -V, --verbose          Increase debug output
>  -l, --logfile=value            Send logs to the additional named logfile
> This is what heartbeat's lrmd looks like.
> [root at node1 ~]# /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd.bak --help
> /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd.bak: invalid option -- '-'
> usage: lrmd [-srkhv]
>         s: status
>         r: restart
>         k: kill
>         m: register to apphbd
>         i: the interval of apphb
>         h: help
>         v: debug
> Previous ps output:
> root      9565  0.0  0.1  44588  1896 ?        S    May14   0:04 /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd -r
> I'm not sure what initially tries to spawn lrmd

In your case, Heartbeat.

> but it is likely that will need to change as well. Is all of this the result of a bad installation or did I need to compile things differently or is pacemaker too new and heartbeat too old? Basically, what do I need to do to fix.

Honestly, I'd probably recommend to just stop fighting the distro you're on :-)
Just follow http://clusterlabs.org/quickstart-redhat.html to get what comes with and was tested for RHEL 6.4

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