[Pacemaker] newbie mistake

andreas graeper agraeper at googlemail.com
Mon May 27 10:53:46 EDT 2013

before i heard of drbd/pacemaker/corosync i logged into a master and
nfs-exported a path
(what was done by resource-manager before)
when i realized the mistake, i cleaned /etc/exports after `exportfs -ua`
and (i guess) anyhow
the roles switched (i`m not sure).
but now crm_mon tells about error on slave :

Failed actions:
    nfsexp_work_start_0 (node=lisel1, call=36, rc=1, status=complete):
unknown error
    NFSServer:1_monitor_30000 (node=lisel1, call=74, rc=7,
status=complete): not running

on both nfs is running. master is ok: the mirrored block is mounted and
could be exported (and mounted on third machine)

why this error and how can i get rid of.

current situation:
 slave is stopped (crm node standby)
on master (`crm_mon -1`) :

thanks in advance
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