[Pacemaker] can someone post their 2-node mysql/drbd cluster config?

christopher barry cbarry at rjmetrics.com
Wed May 22 13:27:37 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm trying to put together a 2 node mysql cluster using drbd as the db
backing store.

I have 4 interfaces in each node:
* 2 nics bonded and x-over cabled between each node for drbd data sync
and heartbeats
* 1 'public' nic, and
* 1 'private' nic
The public and private nics each have a non-vip address that should
always be running, and their routes should always be set.

I have 2 VIPs:
* 1 public VIP
* 1 private VIP

It all *basically* works, but I'm trying to make sure I have everything
configured in the best possible way.

I would really love to see how others are doing this same basic
configuration. And would love to hear lessons learned in the process of
making it all work.


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