[Pacemaker] crm subshell 1.2.4 incompatible to pacemaker 1.1.9?

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at clusterbau.com
Mon May 13 07:53:11 EDT 2013


crm tells me it is version 1.2.4
pacemaker tell me it is verison 1.1.9

So it should work since incompatibilities are resolved in crm higher that 
version 1.2.1. Anywas crm tells me nonsense:

# crm
crm(live)# node
crm(live)node# standby node1
ERROR: bad lifetime: node1

Any ideas?

Dr. Michael Schwartzkopff
Guardinistr. 63
81375 München

Tel: (0163) 172 50 98
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