[Pacemaker] How does the cluster migrate resources on over-subscription of utilizations?

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at clusterbau.com
Fri May 3 05:06:06 EDT 2013


If I have a cluster with the placement-strategy="minimal" and the CRM detects 
that the utilizations of all resources on a node somehow do not match the 
utilizations offered by that node, how does the CRM react?

Does ist stop the over-subscripbed resoures and start it on an other node?

Or does the CRM honor the allow-migrate attribute of the resources, so the 
over-subscribed resources could smoothly move to another node without 

Thanks for answers.

Dr. Michael Schwartzkopff
Guardinistr. 63
81375 München

Tel: (0163) 172 50 98
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