[Pacemaker] Clone Resources Individual Configuration per Node

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Thu May 2 01:17:57 EDT 2013

On 10/04/2013, at 8:03 AM, Andrew Beekhof <andrew at beekhof.net> wrote:

> On 10/04/2013, at 4:33 AM, Felix Zachlod <fz.lists at sis-gmbh.info> wrote:
>>> It seems no rule has been selected here and it has fallen back to the
>> default.
>>> It looks similar on the other node- but some times it seems that the
>> script is
>>> being called with the correct params (without changing the cib, of
>> course). I
>>> have no idea, why the crm seems to randomly select one of the
>>> configurations.
>> Okay I found out what the problem was. The CRM first runs a monitor
>> operation on the RA, BEVOR it has selected a node. This fails as it passes
>> the default parameter and my validate_all function returns an error as it
>> does not accept the dummy param. If the resource gets started for some
>> reason on one node, the crm passes the param selected fort he 'running' node
>> to BOTH RA on BOTH nodes- which fails on the node that had not been
>> selected.
>> I now added a param to my validate function to disable the HW check fort he
>> monitor op. Now the resource works as expected (get the right params fort he
>> node that has been selected by the crm).
>> That is a bid odd behaviour from my POV. I think it would be a better
>> solution to pass the parameters according to the node the resource is
>> monitored on and not according to the node the resource is RUNNING on.
>> So monitor resource on node B? Pass params adequate for node b!
> Absolutely! This is the intended behavior.

Fixed in:

Thanks for letting me know it was broken!

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