[Pacemaker] Linking lib/cib and lib/pengine to each other?

Viacheslav Dubrovskyi dubrsl at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 16:43:23 EDT 2013

26.03.2013 19:41, Andrew Beekhof пишет:
>>> Hi.
>>> I'm building a package for my distributive. Everything is built, but the
>>> package does not pass our internal tests. I get errors like this:
>>> verify-elf: ERROR: ./usr/lib/libpe_status.so.4.1.0: undefined symbol:
>>> get_object_root
> Was this the only undefined symbol?
For  lib/cib -> lib/pengine yes.
Another undefined symbols from lib/common and it's easy fixed.
> It might be better to remove use of that function instead.
Maybe yes, but I do not know what the developers were thinking when done so.
For me as maintainer easy fix linkage.
>>> It mean, that libpe_status.so not linked with libcib.so where defined
>>> get_object_root. I can easy fix it adding
>>> libpe_status_la_LIBADD  =  $(top_builddir)/lib/cib/libcib.la
>>> in lib/pengine/Makefile.am
>>> But for this I need build libcib before lib/pengine. And it's impossible
>>> too, because libcib used symbols from lib/pengine. So we have situation,
>>> when two library must be linked to each other.
>>> And this is very bad because then the in fact it should be one library.
>>> Or symbols should be put in a third library, such as common.
>>> Can anyone comment on this situation?
>> Patch for fix this error.

Viacheslav Dubrovskyi

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