[Pacemaker] Exchanging data between resource agent instances

Riccardo Bicelli r.bicelli at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 03:13:25 EDT 2013

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Il 19/03/2013 10:43, Lars Ellenberg ha scritto:
> Is that so.  What for?
> Can you explain in more detail?

I'm writing a resource agent for handling SCST in master/slave with ALUA
multipath support.
On Master node it has to create a SCSI LUN mapped to a real device, and map
the path as active.
On Slave node (and even on Master when the resource starts) ot has to
create a dummy lun (with specific null handler) in the same size of real
device, and map path as standby.

When switching roles, it simply puts path both in standby, replaces on
Master node the lun with null lun, replaces on the slave node the null lun
with real device, put in active state the Slave node.
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