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Maxwell, Jamison [HDS] JMaxwell at PBP1.COM
Fri Mar 15 10:05:30 EDT 2013

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe crm_mon and the other crm_* commands are provided by pacemaker-cli, not by crmsh.  (At least in the RHEL repos.)  The reason I wanted crmsh back so badly was because I had entered and documented several aliases to make managing the cluster more convenient for my colleagues and didn't want to have to re-write my doco...

Is the HA community abandoning crmsh and why?

Jamison Maxwell
Sr. Systems Administrator
HD Supply - Facilities Maintenance

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Andrew Beekhof <andrew at ...> writes:

> I believe this should make everyone happy:
>    https://github.com/beekhof/pacemaker/commit/3c9275e
> Are you able to test it?
I cloned the repo and used the pacemaker.spec.in file.
I did have to tweak the spec file a bit to get it to build:

%global specversion 8
#%global upstream_version HEAD
%global upstream_version 1.1.8
#%global upstream_prefix ClusterLabs-pacemaker %global upstream_prefix pacemaker ....
Version:       1.1.8

Stopped pacemaker and restarted cman.

With the new packages installed (running crm_mon as root) I got:
Could not establish cib_ro connection: Connection refused (111)

Rebooted the server then I could connect to crm_mon as root.
Still no joy as an unprivileged user though:

Attempting connection to the cluster...Could not establish cib_ro connection: No such file or directory (2)


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