[Pacemaker] Writing RAs - Parameters per node

Riccardo Bicelli r.bicelli at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 15:22:23 EDT 2013

> This is possible (you can have rules for the instance attributes), 
Could you provide me an example?
> *but* it is a really bad idea for administrative reasons. It'll be a 
> nightmare to remember, and bite you in every single script. It's 
> usually a lot better to rename the ports via udev/ipaddr rules. Not 
> sure how to do that for IB
In this case is not possible (or is more nightmare than defining 
parameter in RA), because is the target created by SCST, that is not 
mapped to a device but only creates control interface under sysfs.
Each port has a specific GUID.
I need to control where to migrate the scsi target, because "different 
boards do different things".


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