[Pacemaker] Heartbeat Anything cmdline_options vs. Removing active resource from a group

Reid, Mike MBReid at thepei.com
Tue Mar 5 12:54:40 EST 2013

> > Attached is an excerpt from our two node (active/passive) Web cluster. We
> > are currently launching uWSGI via the ocf:heartbeat:anything RA (see below).
> >
> > I would like to make some slight changes to the "cmdline_options" argument
> > on our running cluster... (via "crm configure edit")
> >
> > Do I need to stop the resWSGI resource first before making this type of
> > change?
> No. The cluster will detect the change and restart the resource (and
> anything that depends on it) as necessary.
> In general, it is safe to make whatever changes are necessary - as
> long as you are confident the changes themselves are correct :)

Good to know. :) Makes sense to me, I was hoping this was the approach we could take. Thank you so much, Andrew.

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