[Pacemaker] Same host displayed twice in crm status

Nicolas J. nikkro70+pacemaker at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 09:55:30 EDT 2013


I have a problem with a Corosync/Pacemaker configuration.
One host of the cluster has been renamed and now the host is displayed
twice in the configuration.

When I try to remove the host from the configuration it works but if
corosync is restarted on one node, the old host appears again.
I tried several ways to delete the host with no effect.

How can I delete the wrong host?

I checked the Linux configuration and there is no place where the old name
is referenced.
It's an OEL/Red Hat linux.

[root at vmtestoradg2 ~]# crm status
Last updated: Fri Mar 29 14:51:56 2013
Stack: openais
Current DC: vmtestoradg1 - partition with quorum
Version: 1.1.5-1.1.el5-01e86afaaa6d4a8c4836f68df80ababd6ca3902f
4 Nodes configured, 3 expected votes
1 Resources configured.

Online: [ vmtestoradg1 vmtestora10g01 vmtestoradg2 ]
OFFLINE: [ VMTESTORADG2.it.dbi-services.com ]

 DG_IP  (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):       Started vmtestoradg1

[root at vmtestoradg2 ~]# crm node clearstate VMTESTORADG2.it.dbi-services.com
Do you really want to drop state for node VMTESTORADG2.it.dbi-services.com?
[root at vmtestoradg2 ~]# crm node delete VMTESTORADG2.it.dbi-services.com
INFO: node VMTESTORADG2.it.dbi-services.com not found by crm_node
INFO: node VMTESTORADG2.it.dbi-services.com deleted

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,

Nicolas J.
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