[Pacemaker] ping resource polling skew

Quentin Smith quentin at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 19 12:02:47 EDT 2013


I have my cluster configured to use a cloned ping resource, such that I 
can write a constraint that I prefer resources to run on a node that has 
network connectivity. That works fine if a machine loses its network 
connection (the ping attribute goes to 0, resources migrate to another 
machine, etc.).

However, if instead what happens is the ping /target/ goes offline, it 
seems that Pacemaker will bounce resources around the cluster, as each 
node notices that the ping target is unreachable at a slightly different 

Is there any way to get Pacemaker to delay resource transitions until at 
least one full polling cycle has happened, so that in the event of an 
outage of the ping target, resources stay put where they are running?


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