[Pacemaker] problem on moving resource

Charles Mean charles.mean at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 16:35:54 EDT 2013

Hey Guys,

I am running heartbeat 3.0.5 and pacemaker 1.1.7 with two hosts(host01,
The thing is, when I try to define host01 as the preferred by the following
crm configure location prefer-host01 NginxHA_and_ClusterIP 100: host01

This message show up:
WARNING: prefer-host01: referenced node host01 does not exist

So I tried to change the node name by its
crm configure location prefer NginxHA_and_ClusterIP 100:

And it looks like good, but I can not really move the resource from host02
to host01 when host01 become healthy(even after the stickiness).

Follow my configuration:
# crm configure show
node $id="68c284e1-8793-4e5b-b7f0-83d1d5978a4d" host02
node $id="f6610e2a-d942-48ab-9455-2b16e018dd25" host01
primitive ClusterIP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
params ip="" cidr_netmask="24" nic="eth0" \
op monitor interval="1s"
primitive NginxHA ocf:heartbeat:nginx \
params configfile="/etc/nginx/nginx.conf" httpd="/usr/sbin/nginx" port="80"
status10url="/nginx_status" \
op monitor interval="10s" timeout="30s" \
op start interval="0" timeout="40s" \
op stop interval="0" timeout="60s"
group NginxHA_and_ClusterIP ClusterIP NginxHA
location prefer-host01 NginxHA_and_ClusterIP 100:
colocation NginxHA_with_ClusterIP inf: ClusterIP NginxHA
order NginxHA_after_ClusterIP inf: ClusterIP NginxHA
property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
dc-version="1.1.7-ee0730e13d124c3d58f00016c3376a1de5323cff" \
cluster-infrastructure="Heartbeat" \
stonith-enabled="false" \
rsc_defaults $id="rsc-options" \

According to pacemaker, the configuration is OK:
# crm_verify -L; echo "Status: $?"
Status: 0

Do you know what is going on with this setup ?

Thank you
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