[Pacemaker] network check without ping

Owen Le Blanc LeBlanc at man.ac.uk
Thu Mar 14 10:06:36 EDT 2013

I have a number of pacemaker managed clusters.  We use an independent
heartbeat network for corosync, and we use another network for the managed
services.  The heartbeat network is routed using different hardware from
the service network.  We have two machine rooms, and our normal pacemaker
clusters have one node in each machine room.

In the past I've used ocf:pacemaker:ping as part of our configurations, but
we had problems, since our network is busy, and many of the routers (the
most reliable things to ping) are configured to ignore pings when they have
too much to do otherwise.  In this way we often had false connectivity
failures in the past, and services would flop from one side to the other.

Recently we had a power failure which affected all of the switches on our
service network in one machine room.  This meant that all services in that
machine room were unavailable.  Our pacemaker clusters unfortunately saw
this as no problem, since without a ping test, they couldn't tell that the
network was down.

Has anyone done any work to measure network connectivity in connection with
pacemaker without using ping?  I can see a couple of potential ways to
avoid it, but I hate to reinvent wheels.

     -- Owen
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