[Pacemaker] Writing RAs - Parameters per node

Riccardo Bicelli r.bicelli at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 14:38:57 EDT 2013

does anyone know if it is possible to have, in CIB declaration, a set of 
parameters with different value per node?

For example, I have an RA which is dealing with SCSI target on 
infiniband HCA card.

on node1 the port I want to use is port1 of Infiniband card 1
on node2 the the port I want to use is port2 of Infiniband Card 2

Is there any way to declare parameters "per host" both on a standard and 
cloned  resource?

And how to deal with it into the RA script?

Or in this case have I to do this mapping on local files end reading 
from them?

Thank you :)

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