[Pacemaker] Remove a preferential location of a service

Cristiane França cristianedefranca at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 14:37:26 EST 2013

I have a problem when one of the server cluster starts.
How do I remove a preferential location of a service?
I want to remove these two configurations shown below:

      <rsc_location id="cli-prefer-home_fs" rsc="home_fs">
        <rule id="cli-prefer-rule-home_fs" score="INFINITY">
          <expression attribute="#uname" id="cli-prefer-expr-home_fs"
operation="eq" value="primario"/>
      <rsc_location id="cli-prefer-postgresql" rsc="postgresql">
        <rule id="cli-prefer-rule-postgresql" score="INFINITY">
          <expression attribute="#uname" id="cli-prefer-expr-postgresql"
operation="eq" value="primario"/>

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