[Pacemaker] Pacemaker cluster with different operating systems

Osman Findik Osman.Findik at telenity.com
Thu Mar 7 00:09:25 EST 2013

Hi all,
We are using pacemaker with RHEL 6.2 successfully to manage pair of MySQL databases. Pacemaker is coming from Red Hat High Availability Add-on. Its version is 1.1.6
Our need is to add an observer to this cluster but our existing servers are all RHEL 5.x servers. We could not locate same version of pacemaker in clusterlabs repo.
So we tried to install provided rpms from clusterlabs repo to RHEL 5.5 and RHEL 6.2 servers.
Provided rpm version for RHEL 5 is pacemaker
Provided rpm version for RHEL 6 is pacemaker

In this setup although servers are members of the cluster over corosync, they could not see each other from pacemaker.
I also tried to install rpm packages in order to use same pacemaker releases, but that is also failed.

Before giving details of the errors, my question is do you think a hybrid setup with different OSs (RHEL 5.x and RHEL 6.x) is possible?


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