[Pacemaker] Correct order of meta/params in crm

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Sat Mar 2 08:19:23 EST 2013

Running Pacemaker 1.1.7-6.el6-148fccfd5985c5590cc601123c6c16e966b85d14

I noticed we have inconsistent ordering of meta/params in our 
configuration - For some resources, meta comes before params, in some 
cases after. In the case below, both. I am assuming meta before params 
is the correct way to do it, but wanted to be sure before I clean it all up.

primitive re-wesbprod-ip ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr \
         meta failure-timeout="60" \
         params ip="" cidr_netmask="32" nic="lo" \
         meta failure-timeout="60" \
         op monitor interval="30s"


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