[Pacemaker] LCMC and pacemaker 1.1.8

Rasto Levrinc rasto.levrinc at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 16:50:26 EST 2013

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 10:29 PM, E-Blokos <infos at e-blokos.com> wrote:
> Hi Rasto,
> ok if you say that LCMC is compatble to version 1.1.8
> so why is there the button "crm shell" rather than "pcs shell" ?
> I got "bash: /usr/sbin/crm: No such file or directory" :o)
> also the button "commit CIB" doesn't appear when I add
> group and services thus since I switched from 1.1.7 to 1.1.8,
> is the menu "session -> save" makes it ?

That's an "experimental remote shell" and you are not supposed to use
it. I could do something like that with pcs, but I am still waiting how
the shell wars end. As for adding groups and services, you can add them
right-clicking on the graph and applying them with the "apply" button.


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rasto.levrinc at gmail.com
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