[Pacemaker] Postresql streaming replication support

Keith Ouellette Keith.Ouellette at Airgas.com
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   Thank you for the quick response. Actually yes, the example given at the link below shows several connections between the two (cross-overs).  We only have one connection between the two nodes with a bridged VPN.


The example has an S-LAN, D-LAN and an IC-LAN. I only have one LAN available to me with a bridge VPN between the two routers. I tried to skinny the configuration to a single virtual IP primitive called "ClusterIP", but I think there are some other dependancies in the example that I am not seeing as it did not work, meaning the resources did not start.  Is there another place I can go that may provide more detailed documentation that may help me with my configuration?


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On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 12:56 PM, Keith Ouellette <Keith.Ouellette at airgas.com<mailto:Keith.Ouellette at airgas.com>> wrote:

  Now I am trying to get that integrated with pacemaker. In my searches, I see that pacemaker with DRBD seems to be the prevelant implementation an most documentation was written around that. However, due to our network conditions, I am looking for information on doing this with WAL. I did find a resource agent that was wirtten for what I am doing (https://github.com/t-matsuo/resource-agents/wiki/Resource-Agent-for-PostgreSQL-9.1-streaming-replication). The issue is the example if complex with the explanation written only toward that example. Is there another place that I can get documentation  on this resource agent? Is there another way that this could be accmoplished that someone has tried?

Keith we are using the above resource agent in production with streaming replication. Do you have any specific questions about its usage?

Jesse Hathaway, Systems Engineer
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