[Pacemaker] question about redundancy / cluster types

Marcin Z nichuspam at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 09:12:03 EST 2013


I'd like to discuss redundancy type in pacemaker
of course I read this one:

i'm wondering if it possible to make such SCENARIO

let's say we have 2 locations (A and B)
we have 4 servers (2 per location) or 3 servers (2 in A, 1 backup in B)

location A is primary, location B acts as backup - so it should only be
active ONLY during blackout of A

on location A - we want to have active-active service (lets say it's IP
address) running on both servers ...

if one server in location A goes down... the service doesn't go to backup
server in location B - but it remains in location A (so it stays only on
2nd server in A)

whole location A goes down - active-active service is migrated to location
B (in fact it doesn't need to be active-active in B - it's enough if it
works on one server in B)

i hope my description is clear enough :)

I was trying to play with some options but I couldn't do it as designed....
i could do active-active (but when one fails - service was active-active on
1 server in A and 1 server in B)

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