[Pacemaker] Fence device 'pcmk' not found.

Donna Livingstone donna.livingstone at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 8 17:15:21 EST 2013

  I am attempting to follow the quickstart-redhat.html guide from clusterlabs.org and have the following
  error returned when I execute the --addfenceinst command. 

  Specifically :

[hatest1]# ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addfencedev pcmk-redirect agent=fence_pcmk
[hatest1]# ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addmethod pcmk-redirect hatest1
Method pcmk-redirect added to hatest1.
[hatest1]# ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addmethod pcmk-redirect hatest2
Method pcmk-redirect added to hatest2.
[hatest1]# ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addmethod pcmk-redirect nasedm1
Method pcmk-redirect added to nasedm1.
[hatest1]# ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addfenceinst pcmk hatest1 pcmk-redirect port=hatest1
Fence device 'pcmk' not found.

 Is this syntax or am I missing a pkg ?

 Running rhel 6.3 :

[root at hatest1 /]# rpm -q pacemaker cman ccs resource-agents
[root at hatest1 /]#


David Livingstone

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