[Pacemaker] seemingly erratic stonith behavior

David Pendell lostogre at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 19:09:37 EST 2012

I have a pacemaker cluster setup with two fencing levels. ipmi for the
first and an apc pdu for the second. I am using the fencing-level directive
in the cib and that works. Unfortunately, I am having a problem with how
the fencing plays out when i take the ipmi system offline. it goes like

ipmi... fail
ipmi... fail
ipmi... fail
pdu.... success
ipmi... fail
ipmi... fail

So even though I am getting success on the pdu, it continues to try to
fence with ipmi. I wouldn't consider this a problem, except that when the
ipmi fence tries again after the pdu succeeds, the ipmi isn't ready and it
hard locks the machine. I am going to talk to the manufacturer on
Wednesday, but this seems like a bug to me.... I would expect that once a
fencing method succeeds, it would quit trying.

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