[Pacemaker] Problem with stonith in rhel7 + pacemaker 1.1.10 + fence_virsh

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Mon Dec 23 13:42:23 EST 2013

On 23/12/13 01:30 PM, David Vossel wrote:
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>> Subject: [Pacemaker] Problem with stonith in rhel7 + pacemaker 1.1.10 +	fence_virsh
>> Hi all,
>>     I'm trying to learn pacemaker (still) using a pair of RHEL 7 beta
>> VMs. I've got stonith configured and it technically works (crashed node
>> reboots), but pacemaker hangs...
>> Here is the config:
>> ====
>> Cluster Name: rhel7-pcmk
>> Corosync Nodes:
>>    rhel7-01.alteeve.ca rhel7-02.alteeve.ca
>> Pacemaker Nodes:
>>    rhel7-01.alteeve.ca rhel7-02.alteeve.ca
>> Resources:
>> Stonith Devices:
>>    Resource: fence_n01_virsh (class=stonith type=fence_virsh)
>>     Attributes: pcmk_host_list=rhel7-01 ipaddr=lemass action=reboot
>> login=root passwd_script=/root/lemass.pw delay=15 port=rhel7_01
>>     Operations: monitor interval=60s (fence_n01_virsh-monitor-interval-60s)
>>    Resource: fence_n02_virsh (class=stonith type=fence_virsh)
>>     Attributes: pcmk_host_list=rhel7-02 ipaddr=lemass action=reboot
> When using fence_virt, the easiest way to configure everything is to name the actual virtual machines the same as what their corosync node names are going to be.
> If you run this command in a virtual machine, you can see the names fence_virt thinks all the nodes are.
> fence_xvm -o list
> node1          c4dbe904-f51a-d53f-7ef0-2b03361c6401 on
> node2          c4dbe904-f51a-d53f-7ef0-2b03361c6402 on
> node3          c4dbe904-f51a-d53f-7ef0-2b03361c6403 on
> If you name the vm the same as the node name, you don't even have to list the static host list. Stonith will do all that magic behind the scenes. If the node names do not match, try the 'pcmk_host_map' option. I believe you should be able to map the corosync node name to the vm's name using that option.
> Hope that helps :)
> -- Vossel

Hi David,

   I'm using fence_virsh, not fence_virtd/fence_xvm. For reasons I've 
not been able to resolve, fence_xvm has been unreliable on Fedora for 
some time now.

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