[Pacemaker] crmsh: New syntax for location constraints, suggestions / comments

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Wed Dec 18 23:45:49 EST 2013

18.12.2013 23:21, Rainer Brestan wrote:
> Hi Lars,
> maybe a little off topic.
> What i really miss in crmsh is the possibility to specify resource
> parameters which are different on different nodes, so the parameter is
> node dependant.
> In XML syntax this is existing, Andrew gave me the hint as answer to an
> discussion how to deal with different node parameters.
> But, if specified in XML syntax, crmsh cannot interpret it any more and
> print the resource in XML syntax.
> Therefore, this is not usable with crmsh, as there is no single syntax
> display with "crm configure show".


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