[Pacemaker] How to properly define DRBD resources

Michał Margula alchemyx at uznam.net.pl
Tue Dec 17 08:29:00 EST 2013

W dniu 17.12.2013 12:22, Nikita Staroverov pisze:
> I forgot some important thing. You must use last version of drbd, due to
> ocf agent bug that can lead to drbd promote fail with error code 17.
> AFAIK, you nead drbd 8.4.4 at least.

Not good, because I have 8.3.11, this is version which is in Debian 
Wheezy. I would have to switch to Testing to have latest version.

Where can I read about that bug to see what to expect?

Currently I see no issues (altought it is running only with few resources).

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