[Pacemaker] How to properly define DRBD resources

Michał Margula alchemyx at uznam.net.pl
Tue Dec 17 04:29:01 EST 2013

W dniu 17.12.2013 10:08, Nikita Staroverov pisze:
>> So here difference is target-role dropped? I had "Started" here.
> Yes, there is difference. drdb primitive completely managed by
> multistate resource. Target-Role in drbd primitive causes troubles.
> I think this is the reason of your problem with resources actions looping.

You are probably right! I erased all my cluster configuration and made 
it from scratch for three DRBDs and three XENs and it is working fine.

> Yes. If you want primary/primary, set master-max to 2. order promote
> action changes ms drbd from secondary/secondary to primary/secondary(if
> master-max=1) or to primary/primary(if master-max=2).

I see. Thanks

> No. Pacemaker with my configuration starts ms drbd in slave/slave
> configuration. Due to ordering rule pacemaker promotes drbd before VM
> starts.

OK. Now it is clear. Thank you once again!

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