[Pacemaker] What pacemaker doc to get and where to get software

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.com
Fri Dec 13 17:16:31 EST 2013

On 2013-12-13T19:32:53, "John Wei (John, RDCC)" <john.w at huawei.com> wrote:

> I am confused on where and what to download pacemaker's doc and software
> On the documentation:
> I am running SUSE, per http://clusterlabs.org/doc/

Hi John,

which version of SUSE are you running? For openSUSE, you can find
packages in the network:ha-clustering:Factory repository, built for
Factory, 13.1, and Tumbleweed.

For SLES 11 (latest version is Service Pack 3), we indeed make a
subscription available for purchase: SLE HA 11 SP3. I'll spare you the
marketing pitch, but it includes a bit more than just pacemaker, but
also matching kernel packages for OCFS2/DLM/cLVM2, support, etc. And a
fair bit of testing goes into making sure they all work together;
something that is sometimes a wee bit challenging for new users when
they try compiling from scratch.

> I should look at
> SLES11: 1.1-plugin
> But it does not match any of the description:
> Pacemaker 1.1 for Corosync 2.x and crmsh

This is the one most closely matching what's included in SLE HA 11, even
though that is based on the stable corosync 1.4.6 version. But SLE HA 11
also includes its own documentation pack.

> Does this mean I need to purchase  "SUSE High Availability Extension<https://www.suse.com/products/highavailability/>"?

You can of course install 3rd party software on SLES 11 yourself, either
by downloading it from somewhere or self-compiling.  This will only
affect the support statement for SLES itself when you start loading 3rd
party kernel modules.

On the other hand, since it pays my salary, I really would like you to
run SLE HA ;-)


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