[Pacemaker] Problem with function ocf_local_nodename

Michael Böhm dudleyperkins at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 11:35:06 EST 2013

2013/12/12 Andreas Kurz <andreas at hastexo.com>

> On 2013-12-12 17:53, Michael Böhm wrote:
> >....
> > How can i fix this? Its only a simple call in line 142:
> >> NODENAME=$(ocf_local_nodename)
> This function is also part of the ocf-shellfuncs in newer resource-agent
> versions ... since that version your are using, quite some parts of the
> resource-agents package structure changed.

While searching trough the git-repo i found that this function had just
been added a month ago. So for now i'm just using the older version.

The switch from 'uname -n' to 'crm_node -n' was the only thing changed
since then, and afaiu this is only a problem when nodenames differ from

> >
> > Is there a way to set this in the pacemaker-version i am using or should
> > i consider upgrading to Version 1.1.7 or even newer? This would mean i
> > also had to upgrade the Server i am planning to use this on, but with
> > christmas coming i may have the (out)time to do this.
> If you are on Squeeze you can also try latest 1.1.10 Pacemaker, I'd say
> a good idea if you are dealing with MS resources:
> http://people.debian.org/~madkiss/pacemaker-1.1.10/

Thanks for the link, i did a snapshot on my test-machines and play little
bit, but this is a "sloppy" repository and i would rather pass on using
this in a production environment.

I'm now using the 1.1.7 squeeze package from the official backport-repo and
i'm confident that this will prevent me from any substantial problems when
upgrading to wheezy.

thanks again

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