[Pacemaker] Why Pacemaker automatically creates constraints ?

Gaëtan Slongo gslongo at it-optics.com
Fri Dec 6 03:54:19 EST 2013

Hi !

I know this is caused by the "-inf" but I don't explicitly created this
constraint ... Pacemaker did it himself... :-(
This constraint is also created when the resource moves automatically.
Then after a successfuly (and automatic) "move" the resource is
"blocked" on the current node until I remove this constraint.

When I do a manual move I have this message :

crm(live)# resource migrate drbd_master_slave_ServicesConfigs1
WARNING: Creating rsc_location constraint
'cli-standby-drbd_master_slave_ServicesConfigs1' with a score of
-INFINITY for resource drbd_master_slave_ServicesConfigs1 on keskonrix1.
    This will prevent drbd_master_slave_ServicesConfigs1 from running on
keskonrix1 until the constraint is removed using the 'crm_resource -U'
command or manually with cibadmin
    This will be the case even if keskonrix1 is the last node in the cluster
    This message can be disabled with -Q

Which explain my problem in another words.

I really need some help on this


Le 06/12/13 09:39, Lars Marowsky-Bree a écrit :
> On 2013-12-06T09:00:32, Gaëtan Slongo <gslongo at it-optics.com> wrote:
>> OK I understand, but this makes troubles for me... Example: When the
>> node holding the resource (and the constraint) reboots the resource is
>> not moving to the other node (because of this constraint, I see on the
>> debug logs no node can hold the resource). As soon as I remove this
>> constraint, the resource migrates...
>> What's your mind about that ?
> Don't create a constraint with a "-infinity" score in that case. As
> documented, that forces the resource away from where it currently runs,
> "at all costs". That's the default if you don't specify a target node.
> Or set an expiry life time after which should no longer be considered.
> Or set a different score.
> Why do you need to manually move resources anyway? In general, this is
> not necessary.
> Regards,
>     Lars

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