[Pacemaker] Show in-process operations?

Patrick Hemmer pacemaker at feystorm.net
Thu Dec 26 12:07:21 EST 2013

Is there any way to view the currenly in-process operations? Basically
I'd like to be able to see when a resource is currently in the middle of
a start/stop/monitor operation.

A specific pain point on this, I have resource A and resource B. B
depends on A, and has an order constraint to start last and shut down
first. It also takes quite a while. When I start or stop the stack, I'd
like to be able to see that pacemaker is indeed performing a start/stop
operation on resource B (since it takes a while and I am otherwise
unable to tell).

Currently operations only show up when they've completed (crm_mon -o).
At glance, it looks like this is because the CIB doesn't update util the
operation is complete (and doesn't list monitor operations at all unless
they've failed). But is there another way?

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