[Pacemaker] Reg. violate uniqueness for parameter

ESWAR RAO eswar7028 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 00:34:39 EST 2013

Hi All,

When I ran below configuration on a 3 node HB+pacemaker setup I am getting
WARNING: Resources cluster-ip,nvp_vip violate uniqueness for parameter
"ip": ""
Do you still want to commit? y

# crm configure primitive cluster-ip ocf:IPaddr2 params ip=
cidr_netmask=32 nic=eth1 op monitor interval=30s
# crm configure location nvp_prefer_node1 cluster-ip 500: oc-vm
# crm configure location nvp_prefer_node2 cluster-ip 50: oc-vm2
# crm configure location nvp_prefer_node3 cluster-ip 25: oc-vm1

sleep 2

#  crm configure primitive nvp_vip ocf:IPaddr2 params ip=
cidr_netmask=32 nic=lo op monitor interval=30s
#  crm configure clone nvp_vip_clone nvp_vip meta clone-max="2"
# crm configure location nvp_vip_prefer_node nvp_vip_clone -inf: oc-vm


I assume cluster-ip should first get assigned on oc-vm and nvp_vip on
oc-vm2 and oc-vm1.

Is there any way I can get rid of " Do you still want to commit?"

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