[Pacemaker] Pacemaker very often STONITHs other node

Michał Margula alchemyx at uznam.net.pl
Sat Dec 7 05:12:47 EST 2013

W dniu 25.11.2013 18:43, Michał Margula pisze:
> I use 802.3ad mode (so it is mode 4):
> auto bond0
> iface bond0 inet static
>          slaves eth4 eth5
>          bond-mode 802.3ad
>          bond-lacp_rate fast
>          bond-miimon 100
>          bond-downdelay 200
>          bond-updelay 200
>          address
>          netmask
>          broadcast
> Do you think that it could be the reason - I mean wrong mode and some
> communication issues because of that?
> Thank you once more!


Still did not receive any hints from you. And you are definitely my only 
hope before I switch to Proxmox or (even worse) some commercial stuff.

At least can you tell mi if mode 4 could cause trouble with Corosync?


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