[Pacemaker] configuration of stonith

Dvorak Andreas Andreas.Dvorak at baaderbank.de
Fri Dec 6 10:49:32 EST 2013

Dear all

I would like to configure stonith and found example like this:
pcs cluster cib stonith_cfg
pcs -f stonith_cfg stonith
pcs -f stonith_cfg stonith create impi-fencing fence_ipmilan pcmk_host_list="sv2836 sv2837" ipaddr= login=testuser passwd=acd123 op monitor interval=60s
pcs -f stonith_cfg property set stonith-enabled=true
pcs -f stonith_cfg property
pcs cluster push cib stonith_cfg

But I have two different ip addresses, one for each server, so I do not know how to configure that. Can you please help me?

Best regards,
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