[Pacemaker] monitor on-fail=ignore not restarting when resource reported as stopped

Patrick Hemmer pacemaker at feystorm.net
Fri Dec 6 10:11:07 EST 2013

I have a resource which updates DNS records (Amazon's Route53). When it
performs it's `monitor` action, it can sometimes fail because of issues
with Amazon's API. So I want failures to be ignored for the monitor
action, and so I set `op monitor on-fail=ignore`. However now when the
monitor action comes back as 'stopped', pacemaker does nothing. In my
opinion a "stopped" return code should not be a failure condition, and
thus the `on-fail=ignore` should not apply. It basically makes the
monitor option completely useless. It won't do anything on failure, it
won't do anything on stopped, so you might as well not have a monitor
action at all.

If this is a bug I can create a bug report, just not sure if this is
deliberate or not.

Pacemaker 1.1.10 on Ubuntu 12.04

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