[Pacemaker] Why Pacemaker automatically creates constraints ?

Gaëtan Slongo gslongo at it-optics.com
Thu Dec 5 11:12:01 EST 2013

Hi !

I'm trying to configure a cluster using pacemaker 1.1 and corosync since
2 days (on Debian wheezy). Many of my current problems are related to
the contraint creation. When I manually move a resource (or when a
failback occurs) this kind of constraint is automatically created :

location cli-standby-drbd_master_slave_ServicesConfigs1
drbd_master_slave_ServicesConfigs1 \
        rule $id="cli-standby-rule-drbd_master_slave_ServicesConfigs1"
-inf: #uname eq keskonrix2

Why ? How to configure this behavior ?

Thank you for advance for you help.


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