[Pacemaker] pacemaker + cman - node names and bind address

Nikola Ciprich nikola.ciprich at linuxbox.cz
Thu Dec 5 02:28:11 EST 2013


not sure whether this shouldn't be asked in some different conference,
if so, I'm sorry in advance..

Since this seems to be recommended solution for RHEL6 and since I need to
use CLVMD, I switched my cluster from corosync + pacemaker to cman+pacemaker.

I usually use two-nodes clusters, where hostnames resolve to lan uplink
addresses, and nodes are interconnected using crosslink (to be exact, multiple
crosslinks with bonding).

I'd like to use hostnames as cluster node names, but I'd like cluster communication
to go over crosslinks. Is there a way I could force this in cluster.conf?

cluster.conf manpage is quite brief on this..

Could somebody please give me an advice?

thanks a lot in advance



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