[Pacemaker] Duplicate node after corosync / pacemaker upgrade

Mistina Michal Michal.Mistina at virte.sk
Mon Aug 19 02:03:09 EDT 2013



>> Here are my questions: 


>> 1. Was it the right path I have taken to install Corosync 2.0 + 

>> pacemaker 1.1.10 even if I am using RHEL? Suggestion 3 on the 

>> aforementioned blog seemed nicer to me than option 2 (Everyone Talks to 

>> CMAN). 


>It could be more complicated if you need clustered LVM and/or clustered 

>filesystems. For that you need to install new dlm (4.x), rebuild lvm2 

>(for clvm) and rewrite/rebuild gfs_controld (for GFS2). 





I guess this would be the most complicated way. Better would be to take a
route "Everybody talks to CMAN"

1.       Filesystems supported: GFS2, OCFS2

2.       Corosync: 1.x

3.       Pacemaker: 1.1.6 or later

4.       Other: cman, openais


Best regards,

Michal Mistina


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