[Pacemaker] Problem with one drbd dual primary ressource

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Sat Aug 10 20:48:08 EDT 2013

There is a DRBD-users mailing list, but I suspect there is a lot of 
overlap here.

On 10/08/13 15:44, georg at riseup.net wrote:
> Hi all,
> (If this is not the correct mailinglist for asking this question I
> apologize...maybe you could then give me a hint where this might fit
> better.)
> I've setup a test cluster with Debian Wheezy, pacemaker/corosync, drbd
> dual primary and Xen on top of this. I know I should configure STONITH;
> up until now I just didn't do this because it's a test environment.

Wrong assumption (though a common one). The idea of a test cluster is to 
get things working. Fencing is a _critical_ part of this. When I started 
clustering, I made the exact same assumption. I wasted weeks trying to 
get even basic stuff working.

Only when I went back and added fencing did everything start to work. 
Please take the time to set it up now!

The order I recommend is;

1. Get pacemaker/corosync working.
2. Configure and test stonith
3. Setup DRBD and use 'crm-fence-peer.sh' fence handler and set the 
fence policy to 'resource-and-stonith'.
4. Configure resources

It's amazing how oddly and unpredictably things break without _working_ 

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