[Pacemaker] Error when managing network with ping/pingd.

Francis SOUYRI francis.souyri at apec.fr
Thu Aug 29 03:36:18 EDT 2013


I have a corosync/pacemaker with 2 nodes and 2 nets by nodes, for cluster access, for drbd in bond, both 
used by corosync.
I try to used ocf:pacemaker:ping to monitor the I have 
the configuration below, but when I remove the cable of the noeud1 the 
named group resource do not migrate to noeud2.

When I used these command "crm_attribute -G -t status -N  -n pingd" I 
have this.

Could not map uname=-n to a UUID: The object/attribute does not exist
scope=status   value=(null)
Error performing operation: cib object missing

##### CONFIG
       <clone id="ping-gateway-clone">
         <meta_attributes id="ping-gateway-clone-meta">
           <nvpair id="ping-gateway-interleave" name="interleave" 
         <primitive class="ocf" id="ping-gateway" provider="pacemaker" 
           <instance_attributes id="ping-gateway-instance_attributes">
             <nvpair id="ping-gateway-instance_attributes-host_list" 
name="host_list" value=""/>
             <nvpair id="ping-gateway-instance_attributes-multiplier" 
name="multiplier" value="100"/>
       <rsc_location id="location-named-noeud1.apec.fr-50" 
node="noeud1.apec.fr" rsc="named" score="50"/>
       <rsc_location id="location-dhcpd-noeud1.apec.fr-50" 
node="noeud1.apec.fr" rsc="dhcpd" score="50"/>
       <rsc_location id="location-named2-noeud1.apec.fr-50" 
node="noeud1.apec.fr" rsc="named2" score="50"/>
       <rsc_location id="location-samba-noeud1.apec.fr-50" 
node="noeud1.apec.fr" rsc="samba" score="50"/>
       <rsc_location id="pingnamed" rsc="named">
         <rule id="pingnamed-rule" score-attribute="pingd">
           <expression attribute="pingd" id="pingnamed-expression" 
       <meta_attributes id="rsc_defaults-options">
         <nvpair id="rsc_defaults-options-resource-stickiness" 
name="resource-stickiness" value="100"/>

Best regards.


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